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Hi All,

Someone help mw on, How to find and clear deleted application related tables and datum to optimize my personal environment memory


Hi Aadhavan,

1. Do you use the component DB Cleaner on Steroids? It displays the system and app tables, ordered by total space (MB) or rows. It also allows you to clear them on spot / automate cleanup.

2. There is a functionality in Service Center to delete old module versions. That might help to save some space.

Hi Ozan,

Thanks for the reply. I already done above-mentioned basic things.. The requirement is to clear unused table from database..

Is there any way to find out and clear data and tables that are  unused more than a month?

Thanks, Aadhavan S


I'm not sure if there is such a functionality. What you normally do for this is that you always add CreatedBy, CreatedOn, UpdatedBy, UpdatedOn attributes while creating your entity and change the UpdatedOn to CurrDateTime() each time a field of that record is changed. Then, you would create a timer which deletes records from that entity if UpdatedOn is older than X amount of days.

Beware that this would only allow you to delete the records that are not changed for X amount of time. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are not used any more. These records might still be queried by some screens etc. So, it's not really possible to be 100% sure that a piece of data is not used at all. 

Understanding it depends a bit on your use case. E.g. if you are sure that very old data is not used / should not be used anywhere in the system, then you can delete them as I explained above.

You can of course also try to find usages of an entity and remove it if it's not used anywhere.


Hi Aadhavan Shanmugam, In Addition to Ozan Cali's answer you can delete previous un-used versions and you can even set timers to delete the old data Thanks, Sandeep.

Hi Sandeep,

I already done this. Need to find and clear data from unused tables.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Hello Aadhavan Brother,

Did you try this forge component,

Kind regards,

Ajit kurane.

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