[Time Zone] How to handle ConvertToUTC when local time is invalid due to daylight saving change
Forge component by André Vieira
Application Type
Reactive, Service

I am using ConvertToUTC to convert local times stored in my application to UTC, so that the times are correctly displayed in the reactive client.

The function throws an error when I try to convert 02:00 on 3 October 2021, from "AUS Eastern Standard Time".

DST is staring at 02:00 and 02:00 = 03:00 so I guess 02:00 is not a valid time.

Apart from hardcoding to skip the function in this case, are there any suggestions how to handle this?


There's really no good way to do this, unfortunately. :(


Thanks Justin. I had drawn that conclusion. The only thing that I could see/propose is that the function would respond with an agreed output, instead of throwing an exception.

Regards, Hubert.

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