[OutSystems UI] Duplicate dropdown tag options on data refresh
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.14 (Build 48084)
Platform Version
11.12.1 (Build 31092)

I have a page where a dropdown triggers a data refresh that provides the list for the DropDown Tags widget, on the most recent version (2.6.12) of the OutSystem UI module the DropDown tag widget keeps the original items & adds the new items to the list instead of clearing the list & only showing the new items.

Attached is a sample module that shows the setup, by changing the version of OutSystem UI module and refreshing dependencies I'm able to recreate the working & broken versions of my workflow. 

The issue appears to be the removal of elementId.options.length = 0 from the OnDestroy action. I merged it back in while keeping the other changes as follows. This workaround appears to be working correctly in my testing.

var elementId = document.getElementById($parameters.ElementId);



// If element exists after detroy, set length to 0

if(elementId) {

    elementId.options.length = 0;




Hello @Reginald Ferland ,

Thank you for bringing this to our team's attention! 

We will definitely look into it and fix this on the next release!


Joana Borges

Hello, we are also waiting for this error, do you know something about when it will be solved? We have installed version 2.6.13 and it keeps happening to us...

You know from which version the error occurred? It is a bit urgent for us and perhaps it is more feasible to go back a version than to clone the module and change the whole factory

@CrisSanz  We are using 2.6.11 until the error is fixed

Thank you very much for the info! With that version we do not have the problem, but it is seen that in later versions it has happened again. We leave version 2.6.11 installed in our factory and when it is resolved we will update it

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