[OutSystems UI] BUG: Request failed with an error every time a page is loaded on offline mobile
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If the app is online, there is no problem. From the moment I go offline with the app I get the error message: "Request failed with an error" on every screen. When I look into service studio I can see that it tries to do my offlinedatasync's every time a new page is loaded, so when switching pages. I don't trigger it myself but I think that the page layout triggers the offlinedatasync.

My OfflineDataSync starts with GetNetworkStatus() check but it doesn't stop it.

This error started happening after I updated to the new version of OutSystems UI.

Hi Michiel,

Could you share the isolated app with this use case to analyze the real problem and check where is the issue or whats is causing this behavior?

Give us more detailed info and some steps to reproduce the problem.



Unfortunately, I can't share the app. But I found out that OfflineDataSync is triggerd on every load of all my pages. I'm not sure why? And even though I don't have network connection, GetNetworkStatus() still gives a true. meaning it will go through and tries to data sync.

Hi Michiel,

Thanks for the feedback. We will try to reproduce this behavior and understand what is causing this behavior. As soon as we have a possible solution, we let you know.


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