[InputMask React] Numeric input mask is working, but the entered value is not sent to outsystems
Forge component by João Barata
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When I use the "MaskNumber" in our application the input mask works on the input field, but the input value is not sent to Outsystems. The example in the demo application works well. I've recreated everything exactly like in the demo application, but it doesn't work in my application. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or where I can look for an solution?

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Hi Furkan,

I think this happens when the data type of the variable (that you bind to the input) is Integer. It works fine when it is Text.

I guess it kinda makes sense, because when you bind an integer variable, it automatically selects Number as Input Type, and your input is already masked then. But still seems like a bug on the component-side.


Hi @Furkan Çetin are you using the latest version of the component?

Also, could you please let me know what was the variable type as well as the options used in the web block?

Hello João,

I have downloaded the latest version from the forge. I have added an input paramater by myself which is called "AllowMinus". Maybe it is an idea for you to add this to the component too (this is a suggestion).

 The input field has input type "Number" and the variable which is binded to the input field is a decimal. The input mask is used with almost the same settings as "InputNumberUS" from the demo application. I have also used the "AllowMinus" option (on True and False) in the demo application and that works well. 

Options in the webblock;

  • DecimalDigits: 2
  • DecimalSeparator: ','
  • GroupSeparator: '.'
  • AlwaysShowDecimalDigits: False
  • UseNumericInput: False
  • AllowMinus: False
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