Request form and Approval Workflow

I have created a reactive web app for a request and would now like to build in a simple workflow for the form to be approved by two managers upon submission. I have looked in forums etc. and can see that some (older) suggestions point to BPT while others point to Workflow Builder. 

I am very new to OutSystems and so would love some guidance as to where I should build my workflow and if there's any simple step-by-step guides - even better! Some more detail of what I'd like to build is below:

* Form as been built as a reactive web app
* Form is simple text input with no attachments
* Upon submission, two levels of approval (sequential) is required. Approver can choose to request for more info at which point request will go back to the requester to update form (therefore comment fields are available for both approvers to input text).
* Upon approval, pdf is generated and emailed for actioning. Email is also sent to requestor to confirm request stage.

Thanks in advance!!! 

Hello @Howie Bennetts,

Just FYI, you could check out the Workflow Sample Reactive. I have not used it, but it seems quite similar to the multiple approver workflow you are looking for. Even if you don't use it 'as is', you could check out the code for ideas.



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