[Reactive Multiple File Upload] FileUpload_BinaryData - OnFileUpload - NumberOfFilesToUpload is 0
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Forge component by José Pedro Proença

Hi guru's!

I use the FileUpload_BinaryData webblock and on the OnFileUpload when selecting multiple files the NumberOfFilesToUpload = 0. I think this is a bug because how do we know when to stop the animation?

Can you replicate the bug and share it with us(the OML)?

Also, did you read the documentation?


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@Márcio Carvalho: I have the same behaviour when NOT setting input parameter MaxNumberOfFiles. So I solved the problem for me by setting MaxNumberOfFiles to some value.

Hi everyone :) indeed there is a bug in the case where the MaxNumberOfFiles is not defined. We'll fix it in the next update.

For now the solution proposed byPaul Zielke seems to be a good workarround.

I'll post here when the update has been published.

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