Outsytems Generated Sample C# Source Code Required


Can I get somewhere a sample C# Source code with any Outsystems UI component, generated by Outsystems Platform? I have a client who needs to see this generated C# code by the Outsystems platform in the backend before buying the OutSystems license and get started with it.
Note - I don't have access to any Outsystems IIS Servers as I am using Outsystems Cloud Environment.

Thanks & Regards

Nitish Kumar


Hi Nitish,

Just curious, so depending on the generated C# code they make a go / no-go decision?

Officially, you only get all the code when ending the license and following the Detach process.

But you are right on an on-premise installation you can get it, and this is described in this post:


Given that this is possible, the customer could ask to get a code sample from OutSystems.

I am pretty sure that if this is what it takes to close the deal to buy an OutSystems License, OutSystems will be willing to provide what is asked.



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