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Hey Community

Not as a security concern but has an aesthetical preference, I would like to be able to hide Input parameters from being exposed in the URL.

As I navigate on my application I already have the security part under control, with On Initialize to verify the User permissions on every screen, so changing the ID input values in URL won't result in a breach. But, as it does not provide anything useful for the User, I would prefer to get it out any extra information in the URL besides the screen itself.

I already read this article - https://jmjames.medium.com/hiding-ids-in-outsystems-urls-7eea5b5c9ed7 - but couldn't not make it work as intended.

Also, I only need to find a way to Hide it, encryption is not on the table. Also, using session variables are an last case scenario since they can cause extra load and other issues.

I would appreciate to  make this article solution to work, or in other case, feel free to share any other practical idea that could make this URL inputs to disappear.


In a practical scenario, I passed the parameter over the session/client variable and it helped me to hide the parameters in the URL.

More than that, you can refer to the below posts for encrypting the input variables in the URL.



Thanks, Aadhavan S

Thank you Adam.

Those alternatives I already know and had implemented.

I really want to get ready of all parameters in URL.

In encrypting case it is even worst aesthetical as the URL is even bigger.

Hi GamaOS,

The best way to implement this is by using the client variables.

If you don’t need to use them, you can store the data you want in the local storage manually using js node or by using this component:


Then you can retrieve it in any place any time.

Best Regards,

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