[Case Management framework] Case_UpdateStatus with error from screen "Status is not valid for the status set"
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    I am working on the case management framework, I created a new Status called "Opened" in CaseStatusConfiguration and I want to update the case status to "Opened"  (tried Case_CloseActivity or Case_UpdateStatus) and i received and error "Status is not valid for the status set"


Hi Edmond, 

When you have created the new status please ensure that the guid is unique in the status list .

use this site to generate a new guid. 


Did u try to use the static without converting to identifier?

Hope that it helps you 

Hi Edmond,

I encountered a similar problem.

I assume that you checked the bootstrap is loading your Case Definition and Case Statues. 

Here's what I discovered: the case status had not been associated with the proper Case Definition. You may want to check the CaseStatus table in the CM_CaseDefinition_CS and see if this is true.

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