[DBCleaner] Don't just silently delete espace history
Forge component by Ricardo Silva

For some time we in our project were wondering why are we losing modules history, until someone pointed that it's DBCleaner doing it. In dev environments, this history is the most important thing which you have, more important than any data in your entities, so you can't just have a timer to automatically clean it! This thing should be manual or require an action to turn it on.

We had DBCleaner installed for ages, and I personally was sure that it's purpose is only to clean old fields from the tables, and never actually had to use it. It could be that the person who installed it didn't read notes, or didn't care, or maybe this feature was not there at that time. And now we are not able to see what changes were done 2 months ago.

First of all the Clean-timers aren't scheduled by default, so this must have been done by the person who installed it. Secondly the timer doesn't delete module versions from tagged application automatically: you need to that manually (tab Applications). Do you really need ALL the module versions after 2 months?

Thank you for explaining, Ralph. Yes I see now that the timer doesn't have schedule by default, so somebody should have set it up manually. Regarding "doesn't delete automatically", I didn't see it in code, it looks like the timer does exactly the same and even more than the link in "Applications"... but I trust that you know it better.

Regarding your last question - yes, off course, we have big commercial project and ideally we need all versions available forever. Off course if there is space limitation or it's impossible for some other reason - different thing. 2 month is nothing, we have release every month or two, which means we lose version from the previous or pre-previous release.

Now I'm curious, how does it work that it deletes versions 2 months old, but keeps versions about a year old?

Actually, I think the Applications page is not about that. There are "eSpace versions" and "eSpace version list" pages, which show those versions which I mean. And they don't have manual action. So yea, I believe the timer does delete them automatically.

Yes, it does it, and shows log in history

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