[InputMask React] Input Mask and Form Validation
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently using inputmaskreact forge to cater an input field with decimal place. Data type for input variable is Decimal. The issue comes out when I'm trying to validate the input value (If negative value then assign back to 0 value) but the value doesn't change at all.

To overcome this issue, I change the input type Number to Text and it works with warning (Input Type mismatch) -im still using this solution for now

But...There is another problem stated as below:

Input type Text will auto change to number if:

Repointing old db to new db.

- manage dependency , tick new /untick old and apply 

 - manage dependency ,tick new ,apply and find table from old db  and replace with new one

Changes in aggregate.

- Add/Delete source in aggregate

 - Add/Delete attribute in aggregate



Input validation

This might be easy to just change back the input type to text but  in my case, I have a lot of input field using the input mask (almost 100 field) in a form. So its kind a frustrating to change it one by one every time after changes in aggregate or repointing db.

So I would like to ask if anyone know the best solution for this.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Ahmad Aqil


Update:Issue solved..input value can reset to 0 value after update the latest version (1.0.8) of input mask react forge 

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