Mismatched anonymous define() module when wrapping JavaScript libs

Hi All,

I am trying to create a custom module to wrap Form.io js into an OutSystems module. 

This works fine, however I have found that  when I navigate back on a screen which uses blocks within that module I will receive the following error. 

[ErrorScreen] Mismatched anonymous define() module: function(){ ...

This seems to be a very common occurrence for people trying to wrap JavaScript modules into Outsystems (see relevant links below), however I'm yet to see an explanation or solution to the problem.  



I'm also experiencing this issue!  I hope we get a bump on this.

Can't proceed with our integration currently

@Bryan SanAndres I have recently opened a support ticket with OutSystem and hoping to hear back form them this week. I will post updates and any resolution here. 

Hi Anthony,

OutSystem replied to your ticket?

Any update on this issue? this problem is appearing recently. Any tips to solve it?

In my scenario the JavaScript library I was wrapping into an OS module used "lazy loading" to load modules when they were required, this does not play well with OutSystems module loading mechanism. I had to fork the open source repo and modify the source code to no use this method of loading modules to resolve the issue. 

I've since move away from using OutSystems as I found too many instances where I would run into these kinds of limitations with the platform that actually really made life harder as a developer. 

I'm also having the same problem since today

Same problem here with my team. Any solution so far?

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