How to auto Add/Edit automatically for a data item (from external database)

I have a page containing some rows from an external database. I need to add a new row or edit a current one. I remember that I could right click and generate the page automatically but I cannot find it right now. How can I auto generate it? I think I am using reactive web app and previously I was using something else on another application (that's why I cannot find it)

Hi Ramy,

I Suppose you want to add new data item or edit the existing .You just need to right click on any of the column of the table/list and create a link to the detail page of that data, outsystems provides you the option while creating the link. You just need to pass the id of the current row item to create or update the record. 

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I expect to find the option (to create Categories Details page) here. But it does not appear. Where can I access it?


Since You are using reactive web app, you need to create the new page manually for creating or editing the record. 

I have attached one oml for your reference. if you need any help, please let me know.

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Hello Ramy,

What I understand is that you are looking to create new screens using scaffolding for the entities integrated from other external database. If so, please refer the below links. It might help you to get some idea about this topic.

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