[MonitorProbe] [MonitorProbe] Differentiate logs for different environments (e.g. DEV, TEST, PROD)?
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Documentation states that MonitorProbe will consume Lifetime API for the Platform Logs based on lifetime URL (see below screen cap) and expose the logs as API for 3rd party apps to consume. 

We have 3 environments -(DEV, TEST, PROD) so far we have installed MonitorProbe on one of the environment e.g. PROD

May i know does the MonitorProbe differentiate between the logs for the various environments? DEV, TEST , PROD?

If so, how does it do that? Thanks. 

Reason is because we would like to differentiate the logs based on the different environment when consumed by 3rd party apps. Thanks


Sorry for the late answer.

Right now, there's no differentiation on the logs. However, when you connect your 3rd party tool to the monitor probe APIs from a specific environment you know that those logs belong to that environment, so, maybe when fetching the logs you can tag them somehow to distinguish them or create different visualizations for each environment. I don't know what are your 3rd party tools capabilities, but these are just some ideas that maybe you can use.

Kind regards,

Bruno Gomes

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