[OutSystems.AI Document Processor Reactive] How To use ModelID in GetAnalyseFormData
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I was able to extract the ModelID from TrainCustomModel..But in following steps I didnt Understand 7th point


  1. Create a Microsoft Azure account.

  2. Create resources for the Form Recognizer service.

  3. Create a Storage Account resource.

  4. Upload your documents to the Storage Account.

  5. Use the TrainCustomModel server action from the Azure Cognitive Services Connector to train a model based on the uploaded documents.

  6. Download the OutSystems.AI Document Processor and its dependencies from the Forge and publish them to your Environment.

  7. Extract the ModelId from the TrainCustomModel server action and paste it in the Document Processor site property ModelId.

  8. In Service Center, go to the component dependencies and click on AzureCognitiveServicesConnector to access its Site Properties tab and fill in the subscription key for OcpApimSubscriptionKey_FormRecognizerAPI that you can find in the Keys tab at Azure Portal for the resource created in step 2. You can use any of the two keys presented in that tab for each resource.

and from this Link https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/62707/traincustommodel-action/#

I also didnt understand 7th point from below. That how to us model id in GetAnalyzeFormData  to retrieve results from server

Michal Witek wrote:

Hi Rui,

I did. It does not explain TrainCustomModel action at all.

  1.  You need to have an Azure account and create an instance of the Form Recognizer service.
  2. From that resource, you'll extract the key that will be used in the site property OcpApimSubscriptionKey_FormRecognizerAPI from the Azure Cognitive Services Connector
  3. Create a Storage Account in Azure in which you will create a new container and upload your documents (forms or receipts)
  4. From this Storage Account you get the Blob Service SAS URL. This URL will be set in the only mandatory field for theTrainCustomModel server action
  5. If you created a file for the documents inside the container you'll need to set the boolean parameter IncludeSubFolders as True
  6. The TrainCustomModel server action is in the Azure Cognitive Services Connector
  7. From this action, you'll get the ModelId that will be used to retrieve results from the server action GetAnalyzeFormData 

Hi Aditya,

Not I understant your issue exactly. If you've been able to retrieve a ModelId then all you have to do it put it in the ModelId Site Property of the DocumentProcessor module:

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