[OutSystems Data Grid] Datagrid not clean record if we update the data with an empty object
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If I load a list of records (a json in the data parameter) to the data grid and after that, if I change the data with a empty json, the grid not refresh, just show the empty placeholder over the old lines.

best Regards,

Bruno F. Cantante


Could you please share a sample with us so we can have a better look at it?

Thank you,
Gabriel Lundgren


Best Regards,

Bruno F. Cantante


Hello Bruno,

We are taking a look at this issue and have added it to our backlog. For now, we don't have a workaround, but as soon as we have a fix, I'll let you know.

Gabriel Lundgren


Hello, I have the same exact problem as well. Is there a fix for this yet?

A temporary workaround I am relying on is to avoid supplying an empty JSON as Bruno explained. Instead, I do provide a JSON string but with empty parameters. This helps to clear out the results from a previous query to the grid.

However, the drawback of this workaround is the "We couldn't find any data to show here." message will no longer appear.

Thank you.

Best regards


Hi Linus,

these are a couple of things you could try, i can't make the headers go away entirely, it only works if I leave at least one item in metadata, but that can be an empty name.


Hi Dorine,

Your suggestion works like a charm - Many thanks and enjoy the weekend!



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