[InputMask React] Percentage Mask limited to 100%
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Is it possible to remove the limitation to 100% in the mask percentage?

I have searched in the JS scripts but couldn't find.

If you could add as an input parameter to chose the range of the percentage between 0 and 100% or 0 to infinite % would be awesome.


Tiago Pereira


Hello Tiago,

I have looked into the Javascript and there is min and max values are set in it. Please see below screen shot where you will find it. Just open the module InputMaskReact and Go to Scripts --> Minifiedcode --> inputmask_min file. Search for the word "Percentage" and you will find the JS code where both min/max limits are set. 

JS code -->

Thank you!

I ended up using the currency mask but in the suffix i use "%".


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