No voucher yet?


Does anyone know when the OSDC 2021 event certificate voucher will be available?


Hello Felipe.

As you can imagine, a 72 hours global event is not an easy task. Neo and friends (OS staff) are probably exausted and will need a couple of days until getting back in full force.
Also, they need to check that everyone that is getting the voucher followed the rules (they are making a list and checking it twice, they will find out who's been naughty and nice).

If you remember last year, giving vouchers to thousand of people at once is not an easy task for OutSystems or an easy load for the exam partners to handle.

I would wait a couple of weeks before asking.

it was my first time to this event.


Last time it wasn't on OSDC (last OSDC was in 2018) but when the world entered lockdown. OutSystems gave away thousands of vouchers so people could have a goal and focus on something, instead of laying around worring about the future.

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