[ReactiveAutoComplete] Validating User Selections/TextInput
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Hi, Steven,

    I'm still new to react - 

    I figured out how to do the validation of autocomplete inputs in Traditional Web, but still working through how this translates in react.  Can you add an example of validating the user's input with the values available (e.g. valid if input in GetAllCountries list)?  In the attached screenshot from Traditional Web, the field is mandatory and is validated against the list of possible valid values.



Hi Lennie,

I'm not sure if ReactiveAutoComplete is the right component for your use case.  An autocomplete typically is used if you also allow values that are NOT presented in the dropdown list.  It's more a list of suggestions, really.  Think of it like the Google search field that gives you suggestions, but you are free to search for anything you like.

If you want users to select one of the values in a predefined list, you should be using Dropdown, DropdownSearch or LazyDropdownSearch.  These components only allow the user to select one of the values from the list of options, which seems to be what you want.

Kind regards,


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