Announcing Neo’s Odyssey, the OutSystems Coding Challenge

<!! 2021: Neo's Odyssey is closed. Keep an eye on our Community Forum for future editions !!>

Hello everyone!

OSDC is over and what an amazing two days we had! Hundreds of talks given by our Community members, spanning a huge variety of topics, and several chances to just geek out!

However, with so many tracks and content it can be hard to catch up on everything... What if we had a way of consolidating and materializing all the new information we shared?

This is exactly where Neo enters the scene: Welcome to 2021: Neo’s Odyssey!

What is it?

A month-long coding journey that consists of daily quests that Neo faces while exploring space. The quests will be shared daily in the OutSystems Forum.

OK, cool, but what’s in it for me?

  • You get to build a fun app that you can actually use with your friends!

  • You’ll explore the OutSystems platform as a whole: front-end, BPT, security, integrations, and much, much more!

  • You’ll try challenges that wouldn’t be a usual part of your day-to-day work (rotating cubes anyone?)

  • You’ll have the perfect reason to get some time to practice and upgrade your OutSystems Developer magic skills.

I’m game, how can I participate?

  • You’ll need a personal and free environment, so if you don’t have one, get one here.

  • You can then start whenever you want. The goal is to do a bit of code every day but what works for you, works for Neo!

  • You’ll start by submitting your app on the Forge and then update it as you complete the daily quests.

  • And, don’t forget: Always abide by the OutSystems Community Code of Conduct.

What if I need help?

Make sure to also check the apps that are being shared by other participants here.

The OutSystems Forum is always your best choice, the place where you can discuss the daily challenge in the specific post that we’ll create.

In case you’re stuck and need someone to rubber duck, you’ll have our OutSystems MVPs and Champions ready to help out in the Discord server!

Check the beautiful Neo’s Odyssey page for more details and share it with your network!

With all that said... See you December 1st for our first challenge!

We’ll update this post as we release the challenges.

Challenges so far:

* Japanese are here (日本語版はこちら)


Let the good times roll! :D curious what everyone comes up with

Offspring reference? 

Excited and pumped!!! 


Nice idea, will share with the rest of the team.

Great idea! :-)


great Idea

Awesome Idea

sounds good!

Love this !!

Sounds exciting...!!

Time to sharp some tools

Great Initiative!

Cool Innovative !!!

The challenges are developed using current versions of service studio and not project neo right?


Hi Pedro,
Yes the challenges are developed to be done with the current version of service studio.

we need to do any registration ?

Hi there!

You can upload your application in Forge using this link and update it as you complete the challenges.

Great! Wait for the first challenge! 


First challenge is up and ready :)

Cool ! great Idea

Estou muito animado.... 

Great! Let's start this :)

Sounds exciting

Can i still join or am i too late?


You can still join :) never too late. 

Just start at day one and you'll catch up in no time

Great idea!!!

For those of us that are pure beginners and novices (even though we have taken a basic class) would it be possible to have a sample app published with the recommended way that it could/should be done?

I am stuck on day 3 right now and don't have a lot of extra time to invest retaking courses to refresh my memory and still do the tasks each day.


Tracy Grace

Hi Tracy, first of all thanks for participating in this! :)

We had this idea as well but we wanted to first see the feedback from the challenges. I'll update you when we have something for you (and other developers in the same situation).

Have you looked at the apps already built by other participants and available on Forge?

Hi Cristiana,

I am stuck like Tracy.

The first few samples on Forge I looked at, are mostly empty shells.

Can you hint a comprehensive example, please.



Yes I have. I looked and found most of them had been uploaded Dec 1st or 2nd. I found one that was uploaded  on the 5th, but it did not look like it was any further than myself.

Tracy and Frank, 

I sorted by last submitted and looked at the number of versions and their listing. 

These 2 submissions might be helpful :)


adding this one as well: [2021: Neo's Odyssey] Friends


Take a look at the progress that I am making. I am trying to publish an update every second day.

Hopefully, this will help you.


South Africa joining the fray! Great to see you joining in


There are two dependencies I can't resolve.

I tried searching the Forge, but to no avail.

Hi Frank,

There are only 4 dependencies. Can you advise which one you are having an issue finding?

They are available on the forge. Make sure that you do not have the Neo Odyssey filter applied when you are searching for them.

The best option is to add the references using ServiceStudio as it will take care of all the required dependencies that may be required.

Here are the forge links:




Great. thanks for update.

Propose this challenge to high schools students.

Have a great 2022

Thanks for the suggestion!

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