[Input Masks Library] Can't set decimal and group separator
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Hi all,

I hope you can help me.

I've been trying to use the Currency Mask in my Reactive application, however I can't get the group separator to be "." and decimal separator as "," for Dutch standards. Even though the block says its default that way. Even if I explicitly choose so, it still won't do it:

It does take the € symbol:

I have no clue why this bugs, should be a major thing in the component so I'm probably doing something wrong. The field "Prijs" is a type currency in the database. Database is an extension to an external one though. 

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Regards and thanks in advance.


I had the same problem, where it just didn't do what i wanted.

I fixed it myself in the enclosed project. I also wanted to create a javascript that would have all logic in client actions so i could debug it.

Its also better understandable that way. The Javascript only creates the component and the events.

Ofcourse i do hope you get an answer that will explain how to use the Input Mask library.


Hi Stefano,

Thanks for the info, really helpful. 

The customer has decided to not use this component for the time being (not my decision sadly). 

But it's good to see an example on how to make it work, so thanks!



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