How to change default email sender name?

How can we override the default email sender name ? I have already tried EmailAddressCreate function but its not working.

Hello Ranjeet, 

I am not sure, I got you right or not . But, if Yes, then you can change default sender email, default sender name in service center

For override here they clearly mention the same
if you specified in the from property of sent email then it will be override to default sender name 

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Akshay Deshpande

Thanks @#Ashish but how can we override sender name while sending email?

Hello Ranjeet singh, 

sorry to correct you, my name is akshay

as already mention there you can change default sender name using from
here I found one link which will suitable in your case


you already mention that you are using but may be this is only right way still you facing please add some ss or OML is better 

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Akshay Deshpande

hi @Akshay Deshpande šŸš€
I think @Ranjeet Singh wants to set the sender email/name dynamically instead of pre-defined in service center. Is it correct @Ranjeet Singh ?

Supposed that you know what is the default sender email. Now have to set the From attribute of Email widget by using the built-in function that you are mentioning EmailAddressCreate(desired-name, default email)


Yes chuong tran,

In the rply I have also mentioned this as same you said 

Using - EmailAddressCreate("Test", "xxx@outlook.com") , The sender name (i.e. "Test") is changing but the email address is not changing .

Is there any way that we can change the sender email address as well just like sender name?

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