How to do in-app update from Appstore or Playstore?

Hi Team,

I had an requirement like need to update application in background from appstore or playstore. Is there any plugin available for this or any other way to achieve this?


Indumathy V


Hi Indumathy,

OutSystems already has their own 'in-app' update mechanism that works for most changes you do to your application, which is called the Seamless upgrade. 

After detecting that a new version is available, the app starts caching all the new resources in the background. Once the app caches the resources, the next navigation event triggers the update. This can be, for example, a screen transition. Once the app is fully updated and the destination screen loads, the app notifies the user about the update with a feedback message. If the update takes time, the app shows the splash screen before navigating to the destination screen. This is a seamless upgrade.

The seamless upgrade will not be possible in the following situations, in which case you are required to build a new version to be deployed to the appstore:

  • App name
  • App icon
  • Primary color of the app
  • External resource, including any configuration files of mobile plugins
  • Plugin or plugin configuration
  • Configurations for a mobile platform
  • Entry module or the name of the entry module
  • Extensibility Configurations property (for example: modification, addition or removal of mobile plugins, changes to status bar transparency, custom icons or splash screens, and similar)

For more information, read:



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your response.

Is that possible to allow user to update application without navigating to appstore or playstore. The app should get update in application itself. 

Please find the below link for reference.

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Indumathy V


Well, I believe it is always possible to bypass the app stores, as you can also make the .apk (android) or .ipa (iOS) install package of your application available through a public share.

But my previous reply was trying to explain that for most changes to your app, the users will not have to go to the app store. The new published version will be installed automatically, even when navigating from one to another screen in the app.

Another tool that might be interesting for you is:

Hi Daniel,

I have tried this plugin. But here we can force user to install new version of the application. That we have already achieved. The requirement is like if user having any update in store they should have update in application itself.

OS have the default update when we do small changes but in case of adding new functionality or plugin that needs to get update the application. 

In that case is that any option to update app in application itself?

Thanks& Regards,

Indumathy V


I believe all you can do is detect that your application needs an update from the App store, and then redirect to the app store.

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