[Refactor] Does Refactor Support Multitenancy
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My team and I started to look into tools to refactor entities and came across the Refactor Forge Component. We started to read the documentation to learn the process to move data from one entity to another. We also read through the forums over Refactor to learn some frequent issues, so we can get some pointers/tips when executing the process.

During this time, we came across a forum post that Refactor Component doesn't support multitenancy. Now this was all the way back in April 14, 2016. I check Refactor's versions and don't see any release notes on support multitenancy since 2016. 

My question is the Refactor component support multitenancy when using the "Move Entity"?




I created a very basic tested scenario and discover that it will move entities that are set as multi-tenant.

I'm going to mark this as done since my question on if it can be done/fix was answered.


I would like to add to my previous comment. The "move_entity" action is inconsistent and doesn't move data correctly with entities set to multi-tentative. 

I had issue moving more complex entity structure and discover it was due to the multi-tenancy.  

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