Passing the List Data into Web Blocks
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hi All,

I have a screen in which there is web block A which contains web block B. Web block A has a list record and web Block B has 3 forms. Now when the user fills up data in the forms and clicks on submit All button then each of the record in the List should get updated.

I have the submit All button in Web block B and I need a reference for the list record from Block A so that I can iterate over the list items. The list have a editable table inside it and one of the cell contains the forms web block (i.e. We block B). Now I have tried with an input parameter to Web Block B with the type of list but still not receiving the data from the list to iterate.

Please help what I am missing here. 

Since you are developing in Traditional web, you need to notify the parent webblock with somehting like this:

In that notify server action, you can refresh data and screen of the list.

Hi Arpit,

For this case I think it's better for us to help if you can share your .oml file or a simple one that you has tried.



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