[OutSystems Data Grid] Change cell configurations based on other cell value
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We would like to know if there is a way of changing the Columns configuration options like: IsMandatory, AllowEdit, Min&Max Value; for each cell based on other cell's value.

We are using a similiar process via JS in the GridOnInitialize action, where based on other cell value we apply the Styling for the cell, like the example:

I wonder if there is any function it can be used so that we can apply the IsMandatory, AllowEdit, Min&Max values via any GridAPI function, or for instance, if there is any documentation for Wijmo functions that we could not find?

Thanks in advanced!

Hello Francisco,

You can use this API method to change the properties for each column:

 GridAPI.ColumnManager.ChangeProperty($parameters.columnId, $parameters.propertyName, $parameters.propertyValue); 

The propertyNames are maxValue, minValue, allowEdit and isMandatory. Please let me know if this helps.

Hello Gabriel,

The idea is to change the property for each cell and not for the column itself. i,e:

Some cells from the same column could be editable (AllowEdit=True), and others don't.

We were looking for something like: function($columnId, $RowIndex, $propertyName, $propertyValue)

Thanks for your answer

I'm sorry for not understanding your initial question. As of now, there is no way of achieving what you want.

can you share OML

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