list in horizontal

How to create horizontal list like flipkart category list show in horizontal way 

Hello @sourabh chaturvedi!

Is not the carousel a good way to go?

I leave here the live style guide of OutSystemsUI for future reference in case you want to see the available components that Outsystems provides.

In case you don't have it available in your toolbox, go to dependencies and search for OutSystemsUI and type carousel in the public elements search input and you will find it.

Let me know if this works for you :)

Kind Regards,


I solved this by adding style to the list widget. I gave my list a class of  "flex-list" and added the following css.

I actually nested my horizontal list into a normal list as I had a structure with an attribute of userName and a nested list of other data relating to the user. This way each users data could be displayed in the users row.


Thanks for the update.

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