Outsystems Development Environment on Linux (Ubuntu)

I am using Linux (actual Ubuntu Version) on my private Workstation, so I tried to get Outsystems Development Environment running on Linux. My first Try was to use Wine or Play on Linux, but ended up with missing .NET Dependencies, which I couldn't fix.

Second Try was successful for me (see attached Screenshot), so I want to share that with you:

1) Installing VirtualBox from the Ubuntu Software Catalog

2) Downloading and Importing Windows VM (Windows 11 Enterprise with Visual Studio 2022)

3) Downloading and Installing the Outsystems Development Environment in that Virtual Windows Machine
(including Service Studio and Integration Studio)

That's it, the only "disadvantage" is that the Download of the VM is about 20 GB and is only valid for 30 days. But the positive thing is that you have Visual Studio in the actual Version included.

So please let me know if this works for other Linux Users too


Hello Thomas.

A few weeks ago I tried to run the OutSystems environment on Linux using Wine. However I did not have much success and chose to use a Windows VM to run the environment.

In addition to the Windows Enterprise VM, you can also create a Windows 10 VM in Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately the credits offered to test the services expires in 30 days. 

I didn't get a chance to test OutSystems on Mac. I think the Mac version does not support traditional WebApp development.

Best regards.

Hi Hercules, I'm new here at Outsystems, but I already have some experience in Linux and I've been studying a library translation tool called "Wine" for Linux. When I started training with "RafaOutsystems" I had the same problem running the Service Studio on Linux. Because of that, I started testing with the "Lutris" tool, which is a graphical program that runs Wine in graphical mode to make configuration easier.

luckily I've had good results with Wine using the "Lutris" program developed to run MS Windows games on Linux running wine underneath. It is nothing more than a facilitator for Wine to run games, although it was created exclusively to run games, precisely because it runs these complex software that I thought of using it to run the "Service Studio" from "Outsystems". I had good results but I'm still doing more tests to confirm if there will be more problems or other bugs. I will bring more results in the future.

 Currently Using Xubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Hello André, thank you for your reply on that Topic.

interesting to see that you could get it run with Wine (which I couldn't because of missing .NET Dependencies) and Lutris (which I never heard of before, but I am not a Gamer...).

It would be nice if we could bring it to something like "Recommendations for Linux Users" as long as Development Environment is not officially packaged for Linux.

Hi Thomas, how are you?

Thank you for your interest because I'm a Linux user and I've been using it for over 10 years, I still don't know everything about the system but I can work with it normally in my day-to-day. I play with him, work, etc. Surely what you commented on using the Outsystems environment for Linux, I consider it a reality, with some adjustments it is possible for you to run Outsystems on Linux.

But it takes a little time and patience to succeed with this process. I'm still testing the platform under Linux. It is necessary to point out that using Wine in my case with Lutris, the platform will run as if it were native, that is, Wine is a layer that translates MS Windows libraries into Linux binaries. So speaking more clearly it runs without any impediment in terms of speed performance or something, this will only happen if your machine is not able to run Outsystems in normal situations as if it were inside Windows.

Another thing I forgot to mention was that when you run the Outsystems software and complain about the .NetFramework it will be exactly the same as if you were inside Windows, that is, you will have to install the framework inside Wine to successfully run Outsystems because this software is missing. In this case you will have to go to Winetricks which is another software with a graphical interface for better configuration and installation of Wine/Windows libraries so that any MS Windows program that you want to run under Linux is successful.

Hi André. It would be great if you could write a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this configured. :)

Good morning, good afternoon and good night guys.

I've been bringing more news about how Outsystems works on Linux. Yesterday I started to do the Digital Alchimia training again from RafaOutsystems here in Brazil.

And I managed to create the first application of the training with Outsystems inside Linux. I was successful, at some point due to some inconsistency in Wine Service Studio unexpectedly closed, but I managed to reverse the situation by changing the version of Wine within Lutris. I continued until the end of the class with success in the Outsystems application. Then I posted some prints of what I managed to do yesterday.

Hi Andre. 

Have you written any tutorial on how to install Service Studio using Lutris?

Great @André, thanks for share.

@Hercules , lets try do it. The instalation, using, so writing some tutorial.



explain  more details

I managed to do it using bottles, I thought it was pretty easy, if you want I'll put a step by step. But basically it's creating a bottle with a dependency on dotnet 4.6.1 and running it, ignoring some errors that can occur and then the service studio opens.


Bottles Linux

Hi Eloi. It would be great if you could write a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this configured. :)

Since i bought a steam deck that i've been trying to run Service Studio on Linux.
I've had success with some attempts but i feel the best way is using bottles and messing around with the runners inside bottles

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