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I'm sorry again.

It may not be a generic feature, but is it possible to add two features?

One is to add "x" as a figure.

The other is to decide on an image internally, add an icon, and draw the determined image in the same way as a figure when clicked.

All objects such as shapes and images on the canvas can be represented by json text. Therefore, I would like to develop an API or action that adds an object by specifying json anywhere on the canvas.

This makes it possible to add figures such as “x”.

Do you agree with this idea?

thank you.

Please use that idea.

One more feature

Is it possible to add an icon to draw the internally determined image as shown in the figure?

If I understand your request correctly, it should be resolved in the following ways.

I'm developing to make each button a web block so that you can freely customize the buttons on the toolbar.

This will allow you to create your favorite button.

You will be able to place an "X" object like the one in the attachment.

Try upload the file  to Canvas.


this is

Because it overwrites "GetDrawingById.List.Current.Drawing.Data"

I think that other things described on Canvas will disappear.

I want to add the ability to click the icon like any other shape and draw an "x" or an image.

Yes, this is just an "X" sample, and I plan to allow you to paste only this object to the mouse click point. 

This customizable button takes json as an input parameter, so you can paste any object.

Is my understanding correct?

I'm sorry.

I understand.

There is no problem with that recognition.

Enabled to customize the toolbar buttons.

Please Check the documentation for more details.


Sorry for the late contact.

confirmed. thank you.

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