Could not load file or Assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json' | outsystems

Getting this error after using the extension. I have installed the latest version of the NuGet package in my application, still, it shows that "Could not load file or Assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json'",

I have tried dll from integration studio while adding references in the application but It doesn't work for me 

Hello @Khuong Truong ,

 Thanks for this solution.

But I have already gone though this solution but it doesn't work for me.

I have tried with integration studio's newtonsoft dll as well as service studio.

Any one who got the solution? I am using a package which is dependent on Newtonsoft v13, if I downgrade the package to a point where it has Newtonsoft v12, it works. 

The package I were using was dependent on Newtonsoft 13.x version and that's not yet supported by OutSystems. The package is open source so I packed it as a nugget package with Newtonsoft v12.0.3 dependency and it worked fine for me. 

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