[SQL Sandbox] Restrict sandbox permissions in SQL
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I would like to share this tool with different profiles of the company so that they can make inquiries about the OS but, right now, when I share it, the Sanbox user has write permissions in the database, would there be a way to restrict it?

Hi Cristina,

I see 2 different roles defined for SQL Sandbox:

Select and DML.

DML (Data Manipulation Language) role lets users execute insert/update/delete queries, whereas the Select role only allows read queries.

When I try giving my user only the Select role and try to update a record, I get the following warning:

So, the users that you share SQL Sandbox with should only have the Select role and not the DML role. This can be configured in the Users module.


Thanks, we tried it then! I had an outdated version where the roles were DML and DDL

Right, luckily that changed recently to more useful roles :)

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