[Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)] Permssion issues between Outsystems and AWS S3
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I am having issues connecting Outsystems to our AWS S3 buckets when the bucket is set to "blocking all public access".

We setup the user in AWS with the appropriate permissions to access the bucket, and were able to place/retrieve files to that bucket from a local server without issue.

We are getting a "Access Denied" when attempting to place the file from Outsystems.

Though I am not using the component in the link below, I followed the AWS instructions as recommended by a partner... https://objectivefs.com/howto/how-to-restrict-s3-bucket-policy-to-only-one-aws-s3-bucket

Do we need to whitelist Outsystems IP addresses to allow it to talk  to AWS S3? That is required to access SQL Server on AWS...so do we need to do that for S3?

Sorry to revive a zombie post, but did you end up solving this? We have a similar problem and I'm stumped. And I don't think it's about IP, because different errors return different error messages. 

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