Check mobile network on or off by user
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I need a mobile plugin or JS that can check if the user has the mobile network on or off? I tried using Device dianostic but it only worked on IOS

Hello Willian Telatin,

Try the GetNetworkStatus client action from OutsysemsUI.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário

Hi Willian,

GetNetworkStatus() action returns true if the device is connected to any network (Wi-fi, 3G, 4G, etc).

For more options you can check this topic:


Hello, this form is not what I need, I want to check if his mobile network is on, in this case that passed I check if he is connected, but it can happen that his mobile network is on and he is not connected.

You mean active in the app or the mobile phone active?

if his mobile network is active on the cell phone

that's what GetNetworkStatus does, if he's off it returns False

Não é disso que preciso, quero verificar se a rede móvel está ligada ou não, pois a rede pode estar ligada e não tem internet, nesse caso retornará false, mas não retornará para mim se o usuário tiver a rede móvel ligada ou não

Hi Jose, I needed something like this

needed an implementation of this plugin, that works on android, in new versions and in old ones

I tried to implement it a while ago but I couldn't, could you help me?

Keep this conversation in english for everyone who wants to follow it.

where did you get so far?

Your URL needs a .git in the end:

mas e o código JS que enviei no anexo, como ficaria?

I think you don't need the cordova.plugins string.

como seria o código? Eu não entendo? eu preciso de parâmetro de saída?

English please.

Yes, you need an output parameter with the outcome of the function.

It may take a while to test and fix it. 

You can search and learn from tutorials how to use cordova plugins, check this one:

did you try the combination of this 2 ?

I believe the GetNetworkType returns 4g/5g when the user is using Mobile data ,
And GetNetworkStatus returns if the user is online or offline

I need to know if his mobile network is connected on the cell phone

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