[Social Sharing] Android build not generating for MABS 8 version with social sharing plugin
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Service Studio Version
11.14.7 (Build 58100)
Platform Version
11.9.2 (Build 29615)

Hi ,

I  was trying to generate  to generate my android app  with MABS 8 version but getting an error 

Error: There was an issue generating the app. Elements of type "receiver" with defined intent filters must declare a value for "android:exported" in all AndroidManifest.xml files, both in the app and Gradle dependencies. Check your plugin configurations and try again. 

I'm getting this error because of Social sharing plugin . I've updated the git version to the latest version 6.0.3 but it is still not working . Can you suggest  a solution for this .

Thanks & Regards

Facing the same issue


Thanks for reporting!

Kindly use the new version uploaded - Version 1.0.4

  • MABS 8.0 Supported
  • Android Build Generate Issue fixed:


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