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Hi everyone!

I have the latest platform release and I can now use Reactive Emails.

I am trying to use Reactive emails on my project and to do so I used OutSystems' Email Templates https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/11507/outsystems-email-templates. The UI looks amazing and very simple to implement, however the UI from the templates is not prepared for outlook. 

In Traditional web we could solve this by using the table widget, but in Reactive this widget does not exist. I tried to use HTML elements and set them as table elements however Reactive emails don't allow custom widgets and we can only use a small set of OutSystems' widgets.

I don't have traditional web available in my environment so I can't build a specific module for emails in Traditional web and use it in the Reactive app.

Have you come across this? What did you find that can solve this issue?

Thank you in advance,


Hi everyone,

I am facing a similar problem concerning the sending emails in a reactive application resulting in a layout issue in Outlook. 

Using tables could fix this issue, is there any solution for this problem in the works?

Thank you 


Hi Mario!

We solved it by creating a Traditional Web app and Module. Did not find a way to fix it with Reactive.

I suggest that you use the OutSystemsUIWeb > Layout Email. It is built using the table widget and works well with Outlook. We based our email template on it.

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