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Hi Every one,

I would like to know how to call the Enum type of field dynamically into the form..? 


On the left hand side im having Boolean values and right side im having form and sugar level is enum type of field i want these things to be happened in the dynamical way how to do these..?like if i select height means height should come into the form like same way enum type of field should come in the dynamicall way.


Akash Gunupudi

Hi Aksah,

you can try this component-


Hope this will help you.


Deepa Tiwari

Hi Deepa Tiwari,

thanks for u r response but aleady tried this one but that feature is not their in that component and i have already spoke with that component designed member he said in feature he will develop that.


Akash Gunupudi.


I don't think it is possible with dynamic enum records.

If you have static enum records then you can add if else widgets or using list appends to create input widgets.


Deepa Tiwari

hi ,

yeah with static i have done but out requirement is with dynamic we need to do :(



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