[Health & Fitness Plugin] How do you set up user for progressive apps?
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I am attempting to debug a mobile, progressive application, but when I try to load it without a Google account (or my Google account), it says "Variable not authorized." Upon searching this error on Google, I ran across an answer from Outsystems staff: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/73922/error-101-variable-not-authorized/#Post303997. Unfortunately, their explanation does not make much grammatical sense, and as the first reply suggests, it is not nearly detailed enough to allow anybody to follow the instructions correctly. They have not posted any context since the reply last year, so I do not think my replies will get their attention either. I have attempted to perform the steps they described, but I am still getting the error. If anybody can explain how to get an application running with the correct permissions, please let me know. For context, I have made an APK of the progressive app and installed it on my Android device. I am attempting to use the Health & Fitness Plugin to get health data and put it in our database to use with our own services.

On this post health-fitness-plugin-error-101-variable-not-authorized there is a video that shows how to setup the settings for google cloud. I was able to get it to work using the video but it will only work for mobile apps that are installed using a APK file. 

The question of how to get it to work on PWA remains unanswered.

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