[DBCleaner] How to cleanup OSSYS_EMAIL_CONTENT table via DBCleaner
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 We have OUtsystems table OSSYS_EMAIL_CONTENT which is for email module. This table contains millions of  records and LOB segments in the database.

We have to cleanup this table data in the backend database.

 Is there anyway we can cleanup the data via DB cleaner API.

Please guide us how to do that if it is possible via this API.

Aravindkumar A


I don't think it's possible to clean emails with this component. However, you can use the Emails API to create your own logic to purge old emails.

Hi Junior,

Thanks for your reply.

Is this Emails API available for Outsystems 10 ?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to an OS 10 environment to check. But I'm almost certain it is.

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