[OutSystems Data Grid] Why i cant change locale back to "en-EN"
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Hello guys, 

I have a strange problem:

For test i created buttons to change the currentLocale (like in the sample app).

On the right side if i press a button the SetCurrentLocale() Function is called and with the text parameter ("de-DE", "en-US", "fr-FR") and then i updated the page by setting the destination to current page.

If i click on "de-DE" the locale changed to german, if i clicked on "en-US" nothing happen and if  i click one "fr-FR" it changes to french.

On the right side i have the same functions but only JAvascript will refresh the page with:


and here is everything working.

So i dont understand why i can change the locale to "de-DE" or "fr-FR" but not to "en-EN" ?

The function is the sdame only the locale text is another.

I added my .oml file

Thank you



This seems to be a bug on our side. I'll open an issue to our backlog so we can fix it. Thanks for reporting it.

Thank you,

Gabriel Lundgren

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