Is it possible to have the user input data and the app output it as a drawing
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive

im trying to get an app to take data and output it as a 2d drawing.
for eg,

width - 300
depth - 400
height - 200
and output that as 2d drawing from front, side and top view with measurements.

Hi Brennan,

OutSystems does not have an out-of-the-box functionality for that. However, if you know of a JavaScript library that does that, you can integrate it into OutSystems.

Also, can you give some more info on what you want to achieve? What do you mean that "you want to get a 2d drawing as output"? Do you want an action to draw something on the page when you call it with certain wdh parameters, or do you want an action to return a binary, that contains a png of a 2d drawing or something?

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