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There are so many issues I'm observing in couple of weeks in debugger for Reactive Web Development

1. Every time I click on Start Debugging, it opens new browser/reloads the page and data which I have prepared for debugger gets lost. I need to set up data again.

So I want if I hit debugger mode, it should just start debug session and reload the app.

I don't want this option og choosing the browser. 

2. If debugger mode is on and if I want to start debugging from another window of chrome, debugger don't get hit.

3. If I'm in debugger mode and I add new breakpoint in another action, so debugger is not transferred to that action. I have to stop the debugger and start the debugging over again.

Please solve these problems.

Hi Suraj,

I think it's been the behavior for a long time now that when you hit debug in a Reactive app, it opens a new "generic" instance of Chrome. However, when I keep the debugger open and do an action in my "normal" browser that was already open, the breakpoint is hit.

Also, if you are debugging in a module that is not the end-user module, you might need to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you have refreshed and published the latest dependencies to the producer module you try to debug
  • Start the debugging from the producer module and select the correct entry module

It is not possible to debug a producer module two levels deep (End User --> Producer 1 --> Producer2). If you want to do that, then you need to temporarily create a dependency between the End User module and Producer 2 module.

I hope this helps!

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