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For the checkbox column in data grid reactive, is there anyway where I can make it be a nice bold checkmark icon appear or not when it’s true or false, rather than the current too-subtle checkbox?


Hi @Nitin Batra,

Without a more specific description or even an image, I can't totally help you with what you want exactly, but you can use these selectors on your App's CSS Theme, to manipulate the checkboxes styles:

// Base styles

.datagrid-container [type='checkbox']:not(.checkbox) {

   appearance: none /* use this to reset html native styles*/


// Selected styles

.datagrid-container [type='checkbox']:not(.checkbox):checked{}

Here's a very simple and ugly example:

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Thank you so much Bernardo!!

Hi Bernado,

I have tried with the CSS and it did not work as expected in my application.

Where should I put the css? 

I have a use case where user wants to see a different checkbox background colour when it is in read only mode (disabled).  Is that CSS applicable for disabled check box too?



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