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I am using multiple DataGrids to display data for different projects and am having an issue with Deactivate Filter.

Attached is an OML demonstrating the issue.

When you click on the link for Project 1, there are two buttons in the Actions area linking to two separate DataGrids. Clicking either of those buttons links to a screen where the DataGrid is correctly displayed with a) column headers formatted b) zero values not shown c) css applied to rows and d) filters deactivated on all columns. These displays are set through the Initialize screen actions for each grid.

However, from the Project 1 screen if you click on the Data_1 Grid button in the Actions area and then click on the Data_2 Grid button in the Actions area of that screen, when DataGrid 2 displays a), b) and c) above work but d) filters deactivated does not work.

Can anyone identify what is causing this issue? Thanks in advance.


I tested using version 2.6.3. Can you try upgrading your version?

Hey Scott,

Sorry for the delay. I tried reproducing your issue, but I didn't manage to do it. As you can see, when I reached the second data grid, the filters were deactivated. Did I miss something?

Thanks for the response. Now I'm really confused.

I downloaded the OML I posted here and entered a new project.

When I click on the Data Link 1 button and then from the first grid, the Data 2 button just as you did, I get the following result with the filters showing.

I tested using version 2.6.3. Can you try upgrading your version?

Thanks Gabriel - it was that simple.

Turns out this bug has been fixed in later versions.

Appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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