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Is there any tool which will measure how much development effort will reduce when we use outsystems?


hey @Radha Nanjundaswamy .I don't think so there is any such kind of tool is available. 


Hi Radha,

Depending on the OutSystems sales representative you speak, they  will tell you it is 10, 100, or even 1000 times faster than developing with high code. The real answer isn't that easy to give and as Barkha mention a tool for that is not available.

A lot of your speed of development is based on quality / experience of the team, understanding the problem you need to solve, a close collaboration with the business stakeholders, and a fast feedback loop to learn from what is developed so far to allow for adjustments.

For such an Agile approach, OutSystems is a perfect development platform, as it supports this agile process with quick feedback loop, and gives you all the tools out of the box to manage architecture, technical depth and CI/CD to quickly publish release candidates to productions without breaking changes. Furthermore, it has great impact analysis build in that will help you estimate the impact of a change you make.

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Hi @Radha Nanjundaswamy 

If you will become a good  outsystem developer than definitely .You will underdtand how much development effort will reduce when you use outsystems? 



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