[ReactiveAutoComplete] Invalid call HideItemList
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Forge component by Steven Decock
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We've started using this component in the header/menu section of our screen template as a way to search records from every screen in our application. Since the implementation we've noticed a lot of log errors being thrown, although these are not visible in the UI. These errors occur in different screens and are along the lines of:

"Invalid call of the 'HideItemList' client action of the '<NameOfBlock>' since the latter is not currently active. This is likely due to a platform's client action being used as an event handler or in a setTimeout function. Consider removing this call by using the 'On Destroy' event of the screen/block or moving your logic to a global client action. "

It possibly triggers when you click one of the items in the dropdown list and navigate to a different screen. I'm not a Javascript expert, but is it possible the 'delay' javascript actions used in this component are trying to run when the block is already destroyed?

I wonder if anyone else encountered this issue?

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