Setting up a Test app Using BDD Framework

Hi Everyone,

Facing issues with managing dependencies of BDD Framework. Following the documentation present  but at this point , the UI flow items are not getting displayed in the test application.

Attaching .oml file but its empty. Could anyone please confirm what may be causing  this issue.

Following this documentation

Also if any alternatives for testing reactive applications are present. Please suggest if its the right way to go 



Check this examples

What I would do is create a traditional web app and do all the bdds there and reference any core action to test the logic that you are using to do all your backend processes behind, this way you will call the actions that you are using on the frontend to trigger your features.

It's not a good thing to do tests in the same module of the application.


- You have an application where you create a user by clicking on a button.

In the application that you created to do the bdds, you will need to call the server actions on the core modules that you used to do the create user. You will need to reference those actions and create a block to the different scenarios or the scenario. Where you have the setup, given, when, then teardown. You have all that information on the link you shared.

Thank you Marcio,

By reference do you mean adding dependencies of the core application inside the BDD framework test application ?

Yeah, not all, of course, the ones you need to execute step by step what scenario you want to test.

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