How to add songs and audio to a button?
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Hi, I'm trying to make a music app. Simple. I would like to add songs to a button. How could I do this? Screenshots are welcome. Thank you.


Hello Charles,

I guess the following forum Post(link) will work for you.

Link - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/68709/about-adding-audio-mp3-file-and-playing-it/

Best Regards,

Dinesh Kumar.

Thank you I tried that but I don't understand it. I even downloaded the oml. file. Any other suggestions?

I found a way to add music to a button using query, but when I press the button again it plays again, rather I want it to stop

Hi Charles,

Please see the attached OML as sample.

In this sample I have uploaded the mp3 file and display in block using HTML5Video widget.


Please use this mp3.


Thanks now how do I add the mp3 to the html5video block? Also, this block doesn't appear in any modules. Is there a way to create it?


Hi Charles,

Refer to this post: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/68982/stop-a-sound-i-played-onclick-from-a-popup-button/#Post277136

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Thank you,

Im still having trouble with getting the sound to stop from the button. Preferably a switch.

How do you get a button to stop playing the sound and start again if clicked again?

Click once: play sound

Click while playing sound: stop sound

Click again: play sound from start

Using Javascript


Hi Charles,

Sorry for the late reply. Check out the attached oml for the stated use case. The latest implementation also uses the same block with a bit of logic change in the screen level for the switch control.

See the demo: HTML5AudioPlayerSwitchDemo

JS Snippet:

var audioPlayer = document.querySelector('#' + $parameters.audioElementId);

// Play audio

// Stop the running audio
audioPlayer.currentTime = 0; // reset the track current time to 0

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


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