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I am a beginner. I am studing Outsystems now in PE. Please give me advice.

I want to show following JSON in DataGrid. I input "Data.WorkInfo[0].Day" in Binding Item. But , This data don't show in Screen.

Data Grid cannot use "hierarchical structure of JSON"?

JSON format




 "Data": {

 "EmployeeId": "1",

 "EmployeeName": "Sample Name",

 "WorkInfo": [


 "Day": "2022-05-01",

 "DayStatus": "----"




Hi Banba Yoshihito,

Can you share the OML so it's easier to help you? :)

Thank you

Thank you for your reply.


hello @Banba Yoshihito ,

In one row for one empId You cant show multiple day status records like this.

My Suggestion- use two grid one for showing employee list and another for showing attendance status of whole month of specific employee.

once one click on any employee in first grid you will see the attendance of that employee day-wise in second grid.



Thank you for your reply.

I will change the specification.

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