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Hi ,

App - Data Grid Reactive.

I want to conditionally show Icon in the cell as like shown below.

But In my condition cell I wanted to show Icon in the cell is Id Column like below

Id                        Status


1                         Pending

2  *                     Active

3  *                     Active

4                         Complete


I wanted to show Icon (Something green circle) in front of Id column values whose Status is Active.

How we can perform this by using data grid. 

In Data grid we have Conditional format but this allows condition on column itself. 

Thanks in advance...

Hey Rohan,

Is your DataGrid editable?

Hi @Gabriel Lundgren ,

     No it is non editable.


Hi @Gabriel Lundgren ,

can you provide some working .oml that will be very helpful.

thanks a lot


I think that will not help when the condition which I want to put in column is from different column in the grid. 

Hi @Gabriel Lundgren , @Gonçalo Martins @Ruben Goncalves @André Dinis 

I took the reference from



I used below mentioned code.

But class is not adding to column. I also tried the commented code that's works but select all / checkbox for the row not works in that case. So i Have to use below mentioned code but class is not added to the column. Please, Le me know any solution for this....

GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridById($parameters.GridWidgetId).features.cellStyle.addClass( $parameters.ColumnWidgetId, x.index, 'show-green-indicator', false);

Sorry code (GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridById($parameters.GridWidgetId).features.cellStyle.addClass( $parameters.ColumnWidgetId, x.index, 'show-green-indicator', false); ) works but the problem when I include data grid in the screen page it works but when I put data grid in web block it doesn't work

Please let me know any solution.

Hello @Rohan Hanumante 

You can upload OML with an example in which the code works on the screen page.

Code - (GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridById($parameters.GridWidgetId).features.cellStyle.addClass( $parameters.ColumnWidgetId, x.index, 'show-green-indicator', false); )

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